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Freighter Carrying Petroleum Coke Lost Propulsion, Dixon Entrance, AK

Dixon Entrance, Alaska | 2022-Jul-08

Initial Notification: On 8-Jul-2022, The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) notified the NOAA SSC that the 739-foot freighter Darya Shanti had lost propulsion in Canadian waters approximately 50 miles off Dixon Entrance and was drifting towards Dall Island, Alaska. The vessel is fully laden with 76,900 metric tons of Petroleum Coke. No products are requested. Notification only at this time.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Products of concern:Petroleum Coke
Total amount at risk of spill: 76,900 metric tons
Latitude (approximate): 54° 29.20′ North
Longitude (approximate): 134° 19.40′ West