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Olympic Glory

Houston Ship Channel, Texas | 1981-Jan-28

Initial Notification: On January 28, 1981, at 0940, the chemical tanker Lucor Wickliffe struck the Tank Vessel Olympic Glory on the port quarter, in the vicinity of the cargo tanks. The collision occurred approximately two miles south of Morgan's Point. After the Olympic Glory moored at Barbours Cut, an inspection diver confirmed the presence of a 6 by 12 foot hole in the vessel's No. 6 port wing tank. Approximately 20,000 barrels of Galeota crude were lost before the damaged tank could be lightered by portable pumps. First day response efforts focused on containment of the spilled product. Crowley Environmental was contracted by the owners of the Olympic Glory to lead the cleanup effort. Crowley subcontracted four other cleanup companies to aid in the operation. Cleanup operations were divided into three separated zones. Zone 1 covered the areas between Morgan's Point and the Houston Yacht Club Marina. Zone 2 covered the northern areas from Morgan's Point to the Exxon Refinery at Baytown, and included Upper San Jacinto Bay. Zone 3 covered Barbours Cut. Barbours Cut also served as the location of the cleanup operation's command post. Parties involved in the cleanup included the U.S. Coast Guard, Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, Gulf Strike Team (GST), and Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, Houston. Approximately 18,000 barrels of spilled product was successfully removed within 30 days. The remaining 2,000 barrels were determined to be lost to natural dissipation. USCG district 8. Keyword: Gulf Strike Team (GST), containment boom, vacuum truck, vacuum pumps, adverse weather conditions, collision..

Incident Details
Products of concern:Galeota crude
Total amount at risk of spill: 840,000 gallons
Latitude (approximate): 29° 41.00′ North
Longitude (approximate): 95° 0.00′ West