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Standard Tank; Kill Van Kull, Port of New York

Kill Van Kull, Port of New York | 1985-Oct-02

Initial Notification: On October 1, 1985 the U.S. Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) of New York received a report of a large, black oil slick in the Kill Van Kull. The majority of the spilled oil remained in the Kill Van Kill, although some drifted up into Newark Bay, and some flowed through the Narrows, beneath the Varrazano Narrows Bridge, and out into the Lower New York Bay. In the Kill Van Kull and Newark Bay, the oil tended to collect in piers and along bulkheads, staining pilings and seawalls. In addition, tarballs collected on a 3-mile stretch of beach along the eastern shore of Staten Island. USCG district 3.

Incident Details
Products of concern:Oil
Latitude (approximate): 40° 38.79′ North
Longitude (approximate): 74° 6.50′ West