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Barge St. Thomas; St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands | 1986-Feb-06

Initial Notification: At 1730 on February 6, 1986, the barge St. Thomas, in tow by the Todd W. Boudreaux, struck a submerged piling as it was entering port in Crown Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Approximately 1,200 barrels of an intermediate fuel oil leaked through a four-foot long hole in the barge's no. 1 starboard tank, approximately 50 feet away from the bulkhead in crown Bay. The owners of the oil, Statis Terminals, immediately began deploying boom around the leaking barge. Later, a diver applied a temporary patch to the leaking barge. USCG district 7.

Incident Details
Products of concern:Intermediate fuel oil
Total amount at risk of spill: 50,400 gallons
Latitude (approximate): 18° 23.75′ North
Longitude (approximate): 64° 57.50′ West