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Pipeline leak Mobil Oil pipeline; Marsh Island, LA

Marsh Island, LA | 1985-Nov-09

Initial Notification: Pipeline leak from 0800-1300 CST from a Mobil Oil pipeline about 20 miles SSE of Marsh island. Leaking Louisiana Crude( Initial report estimated 20-40 barrels leaked before shutting of line). Slcik Estimated 5-7 mi long at 2000 CST. Winds From SE 11.12 at 0930 PST update: Winds Shift From E; Oil Along Coast at 20 ft. Contour ~past Vermillion Bay- Slick ~ 34 miles long and broken up into pathces and ar ball.

Incident Details
Primary threat:Oil
Latitude (approximate): 29° 11.69′ North
Longitude (approximate): 91° 44.64′ West